jonathan cruz

sf, ca



Pickem is a revolutionary sports betting platform that aims to change the game for good by putting the fan first. With a fair fun and unforgettable experience for fans to play free.


In designing the UI/UX for Pickem, I prioritized the fans experience. My approach focused towards incorporating gamification elements to enhance user engagement and create an enjoyable experience. The color palette consisted of bold and energetic hues, such as vibrant blues, fiery oranges, and electric greens, which were strategically chosen to evoke excitement and enthusiasm. The overall visual appeal creates a dynamic atmosphere for users.

UX/UI & Web Design
Figma & MidJourney
Feb 17, 2023
pickem-LongDash lightpaper
A groundbreaking platform offering sports enthusiasts the best odds and user experience in a digital stadium. Taken a unique approach to its business model Pickem is transforming sports betting.
Designed to leverage breakthroughs in blockchain technology, and ultimately challenge traditional gambling businesses. Pickem embraces value without limits, making their platform the preferred choice for sports bettors worldwide. Experience the power of zero-commission betting. "Pickem Middle" eliminates commission, divides the difference, and returns it you. The game is always in your favor.