jonathan cruz

sf, ca

Know Your Developer


KYD is a B2B and customer friendly dashboard for non-technical users that helps breakdown blockchain ecosystems analytics. Providing users with a more in-depth look as to what is being developed, by who, and where, within each network


Born out of the collaborative energy of a ETH Denver, KYD emerged as a revolutionary analytics company that redefines data interpretation within blockchains. With a team skilled in Web3, AI, and design, Know Your Developer has created an innovative, user-friendly platform that not only demystifies complex data but also transforms it into actionable insights. Elevate your business performance with KYD, where design meets data intelligence.

Co-Founder + Design
Feb 17, 2023
By focusing on simplicity and clarity, I crafted a visually engaging interface that presents real-time information in an easily digestible manner, empowering stakeholders to quickly identify and understand the composition of development teams and their respective members.
Developers Performance Metrics
Developers serve as the backbone of the web3 ecosystem, yet, notably, no analytics platforms exist to date that identify and assess developers development data. The analysis of developers' activity is a crucial key in understanding ecosystem growth and success. We believe that transparency and data availability in the blockchain industry is critical to fostering sustainable growth and innovation.