jonathan cruz

sf, ca



DeepAI is a suite of artifically intelligent tools for naturally creative humans. The short term goal of the project was to revamp the landing page, with a modern, engaging, and user-friendly design.


In re designing DeepAI I wanted to make it feel in line with current design trends. This involved studying existing products and identifying certain areas on the platform that needed a refresh to enhance user engagement. Some key features of the redesign was the creation of animations.

UX/UI & Web Design
Figma & MidJourney
Oct 12, 2023

Text to Image

Push yourself to explore deep into your imagination

AI Image Generator
The AI Image Generator is designed to be a seamless and engaging experience. Users do not need any technical or artistic skills to use this feature. The simplicity of inputting text and receiving an image lowers the barrier to entry, making it accessible and enjoyable for teenagers. This tool not only serves as a means of creative expression but also as an educational tool, demonstrating the capabilities and potential of AI in the realm of digital art and creativity.
AI Image Editor
The AI Image Generator is designed to use a natural language input method that makes the tool intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to simply describe the changes they want to see. This approach makes the process of image editing extremely easy for any audience looking to experiment with their images without the steep learning curve of professional editing tools.
Edit images into illusions in seconds.
illusion1 illusion2
Artificially intelligent tools for
naturally creative humans