jonathan cruz

sf, ca

DAC Digital


DAC.Digital is a fully integrated software and hardware development shop with +8 years experience developing products for clients around the globe.


Emphasized its strengths while introducing innovative elements to foster continued growth and competitiveness. Significant part of the redesign involved enhancing product design. As part of the transformation refresh, I committed to customer-centric ideas and set them apart in the global market while boosting internal cohesion. This will position DAC.Digital for a future of sustained success and innovation.

Web Design
May 2, 2023
DAC supports a wide range of technologies Medical devices to blockchain, from ai and ml to computer vision and more. Flexible team structure, management and pricing We are global, a DAC member is always on your time zone
icons DAC has a scientific approach to innovation powered by an all-star team of PhD's Development. Topic modeling used to detect similarities among documents for Industry 4.0. seamless Device Onboarding Procedure for scalable IoT systems. Complex Event Processing Engine to detect events (e.g. traffic, weather, pollution data). implementation of the core components for the Farming industry platform DAC is the R&D partner for leading brands, public and private organizations.